The new 3D pressing system designed by the MENOZZI company is a technology surrogate dedicated to food production.

3D pressing system


Automatic press to form deboned seasoned hams
into long logs for easy slicing

The operator puts one or more hams into the pressing chamber and activates the automatic cycle pushing a two-hand control. The three-dimensional pressing system acts on the product evenly distributing the pressure on the products sides and this guarantees excellent results.

At the end of the pressing phase, the product is automatically inserted into a plastic pipe-shaped mould which keeps the product in shape during freezing. Once the product is into the mould, the operator positions the front and closing stopper and activates the closing and re-pressing cycle. The system closes now the mould with a unidirectional ribbed stopper, which keeps the products in pressed during the whole freezing phase.

Thanks to easily removable accessories, this 3D pressing system can manage two sizes of moulds, that is of final slice dimensions: 180×80 mm and 180×60 mm. These removable accessories are very helpful also for easy washing and sanitization. Through the control touch screen the operators can set the working parameters so to create and save customized pressing cycles.

Each working cycle can consist of 3 phases, in each phase it is possible to set the following parameters:

  • Working pressure
  • Pressing/Massage time
  • Time of pause
  • Number of cycles / repetitions
Hydraulic unit cabinet
Touch screen
and two-hand contcat control
Heat exchanger of aisi 304 stainless steel
Three-dimensional pressing chamber
Clamping device to hold the plastic mould during filling
Ribbed stoppers loader
Hydraulic cylinder for mold closing and re-pressing

The three-dimensional pressing chamber has a loading area of 1300 mm x 350 mm. It consists of a vertical ram, of a side ram and of a rear massaging presser which has the triple function of forming, massaging and ejecting the product.

The operating pressure of the rear cylinder is settable. The pressing chamber is protected by safety a photocell barrier and it is equipped with a work surface for the preparation of the product before introducing it into the machine.



The forming mold is made of plastics approved for food contact. It is provided
with a front guillotine stopper and a rear ribbed stopper.

The special closing stopper allows the product to be pressed inside the mold up to 80 Bar, keeping it under pressure during the gumming phase and counteracting the increase in volume of the product during the freezing phase. Thanks to this system, the obtained product is perfectly compact, free of air bubbles and joint marks in the case of a double ham log. The mold is equipped with specular conical stackable feet that make possible to overlap the molds, leaving a gap between one and the other, that helps the air flow in the freezing phase.

pipe shaped forming mold


Standard module 5 x 10, customizable
according to customer needs
Available on wheels or stackable


Automatic machine to push out the product
from the pipe shaped mold.

At the end of the freezing phase, the operator positions the mold on the work surface. Pushing the two hand control the operator starts the clamping device, the mold opening and product ejection. The product is expelled onto a stainless steel work surface where the operator removes the stopper and any product separators, before vacuum packaging and / or slicing.

Utility cabinet
Two hand contact control
Clamping device to hold the pipe shaped mold
Automatic device to open the guillotine stopper
Work table to remove stoppers and separators

Integrated destamping machine

With transfer belt to the thermoforming machine


automatic device

Opening and ejection of the guillotine front cap.

drc hydraulic demolding machine