MENOZZI TTM-200, the tumbler -Mixer for 200 liter standard trolley, is the ideal solution to massage, marinate and mix small quantities of product directly inside trolleys, without using loaders. TTM-200 optimizes the processing times and it drastically reduces the production waste generated by the transfer of product

trolley tumbler


TTM-200 optimizes the processing times and it drastically reduces the production waste generated by the transfer of product. Thanks to interchangeable mixing blades, TTM-200can be employed for the following uses:

  • • Massage of injected meats
  • • Meat marination with liquid brines and flavors
  • • Meat marination with dry salt and mixture of spices and herbs
  • • Preparation of dry mixture of spices (salt, pepper, other spices and herbs)
  • • Preparation of legumes mixtures
  • • Preparation of cereal salads

Setting the recipe parameters and choosing the shape of the mixing blade, the operator can obtain a gentle or vigorous massage and meet any production need. The orbital massage guarantees a homogeneous blending with very short cycle times, this reduces the mechanical stress and eliminate the risk of damaging also the most tender products.

The machine is equipped with a vacuum pump connected to the mixing chamber by a flexible pipe provided with a quick coupling, easy to plug and unplug. Once the preset vacuum degree is reached, the operator just closes the valve, positioned on the top of the bowl and unplug the quick coupling, before starting the processing cycle.

When the working cycle is finished, just remove the trolley and the machine is ready for the next one.

wagon churn, trolley tumbler


Acting on the manual controls the operator can turn the mixing bowl in any position he requires, and easily proceed with washing and sanitization. Further to this the sealing gasket is equipped with a quick release system for easy removal.


Through the control touch screen, the following parameters can be changed:

– Cycle time
• Duration of the complete working cycle
• Time of pause
• Rotation direction: FORWARD, BACKWARD or ALTERNATE
• Rotation speed from 1 to 10 rpm
• Vacuum degree

Touch screen control panel
Utilities cabinet on board
Quick connection vacuum pipe
Pneumatic trolley locking system
tumbler-ttm200 vacuum tube
churning for tab carriage