cured meats machinery

Cured meat machines from our range of technologies
Developed for the industrial processing of food products


twin rail overhead conveying system

Twin-Rail Conveying System introduced for the first time in the meat industry by the company MENOZZI LUIGI & C. Spa


agv racks

The experience of Menozzi company in the production of RACKS, both hanging for twin rail conveying system and standing on the floor, has allowed us to build solid racks of large dimensions to be used with AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) handling systems.


prc 3d

The new 3D pressing system designed by the MENOZZI company is a technology surrogate dedicated to food production.

shaping press

shaping press

PRC was created to give boneless raw hams and speck a rectangular shape, ideal for products destined for slicing lines.

trolley tumblers, wacuum tumbler

trolley tumbler

MENOZZI TTM-200, the tumbler -Mixer for 200 liter standard trolley tumbler, is the ideal solution to massage, marinate and mix small quantities of product directly inside trolleys, without using loaders. TTM-200 optimizes the processing times and it drastically reduces the production waste generated by the transfer of product.


vacuum tumblers

The new series of MENOZZI VACUUM TUMBLERS has been improved to achieve even higher quality and efficiency standards.

moulding tables

deboning tables

Boning and general meat processing tables designed to provide maximum hygiene.