The new series of MENOZZI VACUUM TUMBLER has been improved to achieve even higher quality and efficiency standards.



The particular “spoon shape” of the internal fins and their inclination, together with the vacuum (continuous or pulsed) system activates an osmotic massage that ensures a homogeneous absorption of the ingredients into the meat also with short massaging time. This reduces the stress of the product and its consequent increment of temperature. The versatility of the massaging system allows to obtain the best results of processing with different kinds of meat, whether they are whole or in pieces, to be treated with injected solutions or dry salt.


The software allows to memorize 32 recipes, each one consisting of 4 processing phases and
customizable with the following parameters:
• Rotation speed
• Rotation direction: clockwise/counter-clockwise
• Duration of the complete working cycle
• Time of pause
• Vacuum time
• Pulsating vacuum/ continuous vacuum
Further to this the software manages also:
• Alarm system and self-diagnosis of malfunctions
• Maintenance guide



  • The maximum tilt angle reached by the tumbler permits the liquids to flow away very well, that allows an effective washing avoiding stagnation of residuals.
  • The internal surface of the drum is easily and totally accessible from the exterior for inspection, cleaning and microbiological sanitation.
  • The quick release protection panels allow the operator to access the machine within a few seconds for clearing and routine maintenance.

vacuum tumbler range

tumbler 700

tumbler 700

Load capacity max 700 kg

Volume of the drum 1200 lt
Separate utilities cabinet
Vacuum pump 63 m³/h
Manual lid opening

tumbler 1400

Load capacity max 1400 kg

Volume of the drum 2400 lt
Electric lid, frontal opening /closing
Vacuum pump 100 m/h
Utilities cabinet on board

tumbler 2400

Load capacity max 2400 kg

Volume of the drum 4000 lt
Electric lid, frontal opening /closing
Vacuum pump 100 m/h
Utilities cabinet on board

tumbler 3500

Load capacity max 3500 kg

Volume of the drum 5800 lt
Electric lid, frontal opening /closing
Vacuum pump 150 /h
Utilities cabinet on board
vacuum tumblers


  1. IP69K touch screen control panel equipped with two-hand control
  2. Electric lid electric lid frontal opening/closing with finger protection system
  3. Vacuum system
  4. Vacuum tank
  5. Hydraulic tilting system
  6. Quick release protection panels

optional accessories

optional tumbler

Refrigerated-heated jacketing with automatic thermal control

optional tumbler

Automatic discharging program, 8 discharging steps

optional tumbler

load cells with integrated weight display

optional tumbler

Pneumatic lid, side opening

optional tumbler

automatic brine loading system

optional tumbler

Thermal probe for product temperature control

optional finishes


Mirror- polishing of the internal surface of the drum

AISI 316 steel

AISI 316 steel

types of loader

tumbler filling and emptying

The tumbler can be loaded:
• By tilting-lifter for 200/300l trolleys or for bigger bins
• By conveyor belts
The unloading is obtained by the gradual and controlled tilting of the drum , avoiding sudden fall of product and loss of liquid.

complete massaging system

with brine storage tank and automatica brine transfer to the tumblers

tumbler plant
Brine storage tank
Load cells
Jacketing for cooling and temperature control
Automatic unloading system
Automatic brine loading system
Electric loader wit motorized axial movement on rail


full meat massage system
vacuum tumbler tab