plant based food

The machines in our range of technologies developed
For the industrial processing of food products

trolley tumblers, wacuum tumbler

trolley tumbler

MENOZZI TTM-200, the tumbler -Mixer for 200 liter standard trolley tumbler, is the ideal solution to massage, marinate and mix small quantities of product directly inside trolleys, without using loaders. TTM-200 optimizes the processing times and it drastically reduces the production waste generated by the transfer of product.


vacuum tumblers

The new series of MENOZZI VACUUM TUMBLERS has been improved to achieve even higher quality and efficiency standards.


lifting tipping loaders

Our range of lifting-tipping loaders is suitable for product handling in the meat, poultry and fish processing lines and in the food technology industry in general.


brine mixers

New series of MENOZZI brine mixers ideal for low viscosity products (MM) and high viscosity (MM ATOM)